We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For
Apr 2013 13

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.  (Hopi prophecy)

These words ring true time and again as tremendous social change is created when we, who long for a new way of being in community, work together. It is the combined creativity, energy, talent and intention of a group of people that brings about sustainable change in our world. Alone we can accomplish small meaningful change. Together we can forge new paths for social justice, liberating education, peaceful empowerment, and healthy nurturing communities in which we may all thrive. [..]

Reconnecting with Our Mission
Apr 2013 13

Our mission answers that big universal question, “Why are we here?”  It gives us a sense of purpose—it’s the foundation for our work. It all began with a mission, that defining moment when we realized there was important work to be done and we were going to do it! Our mission is more than a written statement, it’s the reason why we do the work we do. It sets our intention and direction for what we hope to accomplish as a business or organization. No matter how busy we get, let’s make a commitment to reconnect with our mission as a regular practice. [..]

Bluu Speaks Partners with the Oakland Peace Center
Jan 2013 01

The Oakland Peace Center (OPC) has selected Bluu Speaks to develop and implement its marketing strategy. The Oakland Peace Center is a community of artists, activists, cultural workers, educators and non-profits collaborating to bring about a city of hope, justice, nonviolence and compassion. [..]