Thailla Tisdale is a high-energy, creative, marketing and communication professional with expertise in branding, training, strategic planning, and web content management. Thailla is passionate about communications and views it as a bridge that connects people and ideas. She believes effective marketing requires a holistic approach that recognizes marketing as a whole, circular process instead of a “piece by piece” model of delivery.

Thailla has an astute eye for design, a skilled hand at crafting effective communication strategies, and a strong belief in the power of collaborative creativity. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a Master of Public Administration in Non Profit Management. She is based in Atlanta, Georgia.


Tami’s Kindergarten report card gives us a glimpse into her future. In the comments section her teacher wrote, “Tami visits too much with her neighbors” and “she finds great meaning in her artwork.”  Fast forward a few years and we are not surprised to discover that Tami  is a creative, intuitive and skilled communication and organizational development strategist with extensive experience working with faith communities and nonprofit organizations. She is passionate about creating comprehensive communication approaches that empower the organization to more effectively realize positive social change.

Tami still believes in the power of images to convey profound meaning and move  us to dream powerful dreams. Over the years she has developed an intuitive gift for developing social media strategies, crafting content/message, and facilitating organizational strategic process. With a passionate commitment to creative collaboration, she has also found that visiting with her neighbors is usually at the heart of innovative thinking.  She is based in the San Francisco Bay area.