Reconnecting with Our Mission
Apr 2013 13

Our mission answers that big universal question, “Why are we here?”  It gives us a sense of purpose—it’s the foundation for our work. It all began with a mission, that defining moment when we realized there was important work to be done and we were going to do it! Our mission is more than a written statement, it’s the reason why we do the work we do. It sets our intention and direction for what we hope to accomplish as a business or organization. No matter how busy we get, let’s make a commitment to reconnect with our mission as a regular practice.

Here’s some ways:

  • Make the organization’s mission a regular meeting agenda item- take a few minutes to discuss how the organization is fulfilling its mission

  • Have a team discussion that focuses on the big question: Why are you here? What inspires you to do the work you do?

  • Celebrate successes by having an annual mission party. Be sure to invite the entire community!

  • Keep the organization’s mission statement visible include it in email signatures, banners and collateral materials.

What are some ways you reconnect with your mission? We welcome your comments below.

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