We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For
Apr 2013 13

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.  (Hopi prophecy)

These words ring true time and again as tremendous social change is created when we, who long for a new way of being in community, work together. It is the combined creativity, energy, talent and intention of a group of people that brings about sustainable change in our world. Alone we can accomplish small meaningful change. Together we can forge new paths for social justice, liberating education, peaceful empowerment, and healthy nurturing communities in which we may all thrive.

Bluu Speaks was formed because we believe in the power of collaboration to create the change we seek in the world. Together we are the ones we have been waiting for. Together we can harness the power of our collective creativity, talent and experience to create meaningful change in our world through innovative communication tools.

With many years of experience in the nonprofit sector working with social service, artistic, health, social enterprise and advocacy organizations, we have the skills to help you communicate the powerful message of your mission. A message well articulated and strategically presented to funders, volunteers and your constituency will strengthen the impact of your work and broaden the scope of your reach.

The current economic climate has sharply increased the competition for resources and funding. It is more important than ever for nonprofit organizations, social enterprise endeavors and small businesses to have access to professional communication tools and strategies. Bluu Speaks offers custom tools and strategies to empower your efforts to successfully reach your constituency with a clearly and powerfully articulated message.